If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury, you may be entitled to compensation through filing a personal accident injury claim. If you’ve been physically or emotionally hurt or are suffering from emotional distress at the hands of another person or party, you deserve compensation. Our Springfield personal accident injury attorney can help you file your claim in a timely fashion to get the money you’re owed to cover any existing medical bills and anticipated medicated expenses. 

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Continue reading to learn more about the grounds required to file a personal accident injury case in Springfield and what type of cases Missouri Legal handles. 

Grounds For A Personal Accident Injury Caseconstruction workers hammering a roof

Personal injury includes any physical harm, pain, and suffering or emotional distress that you have or that has happened to you as the result of negligence, intentional wrongdoing, or strict liability. As your personal accident injury attorney, it is our job to prove that one or all of these grounds are present in your case.

  • Negligence – When a case is filed on the grounds of neglect, this means you are accusing the other party of failing to prevent your injury. A typical example of negligence is in slip and fall cases, where the property owner fails to take actions as a reasonable person would, which results in injury to the other person. Another example of negligence would be a driver who is not paying attention, causing a traffic accident. 
  • Intentional Wrongdoing – Intentional Wrongdoing claims are when the defendant purposely engages in conduct that causes injury or property damage to another. Sometimes an intentional wrongdoing case is also a criminal case. Examples of this include assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, trespassing on land or property, fraud, deceit, false imprisonment, and defamation (damaging someone’s reputation). 
  • Strict Liability – Absolute or strict liability applies to cases where the defendant is responsible for the injury without proof of wrongdoing or negligence. These types of cases often deal with defective products or animal attacks. In these types of accident injury cases in Springfield, the prosecuting party only has to prove that their injuries were a result of the act or product, not that the defendant intended to cause harm. 

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Types of Personal Accident Injury Cases We Handle

At our law office in Springfield, MO, we are equipped to handle all kinds of personal accident injury cases. Our experience has helped hundreds of people get the compensation they are owed, often without having to step foot in a courtroom. Here are some of the most common personal accident injury cases we take on:

Auto Accidentscar accident - Missouri personal accident injury

One of the most common causes of personal injury is auto accidents from cars to semis and tractor-trailers; negligent driving can cause severe damage and significant medical expenses. However, many insurance agencies have teams of attorneys specially trained to fight personal accident injury claims, that’s why you need an attorney that has the experience and is willing to make sure you get full compensation for any injuries you may have sustained. We also have seen our fair share of motorcycle accidents and know how deadly negligent driving can turn for a motorcyclist. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident leaving you injured and unable to work, you need help now.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites are well known as dangerous areas for employees and anyone walking on the premises. Constructions sites must be zoned appropriately and maintained to avoid accidents. However, when a construction site fails to use the proper safety procedures and accidents happen, they are skirting the line of negligence. 

Premises Liability

Property owners are responsible for their property. They may also be responsible for the employees or customers on their property, such as negligence slip and fall cases and dog bites. These cases are usually relatively easy to settle outside of court with the help of a season personal accident injury attorney. 

Nursing Homes

Unfortunately, the amount of abuse and neglect that occurs to nursing home residents is startling. What’s even more alarming is the number of cases that go unreported, with only one out of every fourteen claims being brought to the attention of authorities. We know how hard it is to leave a loved one in the care of another, and we also understand the anger and guilt that arises when you find the person you care for is being neglected or abused. We will fight to make sure that the nursing home is held responsible for obtaining financial compensation and any compensation required for emotional distress that may have occurred. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with financial, you need a Missouri attorney that will help you get the benefits and compensation you deserve and fast. Contact us anytime to discuss your situation so that we can help you secure the full amount that you are owed.